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Is there anything better than fresh, succulent pacific seafood? At Freshway Fish, we don’t think so. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve built an entire business around it! While many people love the experience of visiting our vendor’s booth at their local farmers market, we recognize that life gets busy, and some people would appreciate having our amazing seafood and seafood meals delivered to them. For those people, we offer fresh, fast seafood delivery to anyone who’s within 25 miles of our facility in Roseville.


Why get seafood delivered to your home?

This week we are offering #mahimahi as our Fish of the Week! This fish taste amazing grilled and is perfect for fish tacos. Limited supply! Make sure to get to the market and pick yours up early!
  • We offer fresh fish like:

    • Wild Or Sustainable Farmed Salmon

    • Halibut

    • Steelhead Trout

    • Ahi Tuna

    • Scallops

    • Giant Prawns

    • Lobster Tail

  • We also offer ready to eat meals like:

    • Ahi Poke (Spicy or Non-Spicy)

    • California Poke (Spicy)

    • Kimchi Shrimp

    • Ahi Salad

    • Smoked Salmon

    • Smoked Salmon Spread


It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like cooking, you need that perfect piece of fresh fish to complete your meal, or you simply want more fresh seafood in your life — we have something for everyone. 

For those looking to skip working in the kitchen, try our readymade seafood meals. We have poke, a variety of seafood spreads and salads, smoked salmon, and more! All ready to be eaten (and a little too delicious, if we’re going to be honest). 

For those who need that perfect piece of fish protein to complete the meal they’re making, we have a wide selection of our fresh, raw fish that you can use to elevate any meal to luxury. Try our wild caught salmon on the grill, or order as many fresh, scrumptious scallops as your heart desires. We have a diverse menu of fresh, raw seafood for you to choose from.

And for those who simply are looking for more delicious seafood in their day-to-day lives? Check out our subscription boxes! We have packages set up for people just looking for a weekly snack, to packages designed to feed up to six people. We’ll break them down further below.

The Snack-Pack Seafood Subscription

This subscription box contains two eight-ounce portions of our spicy ahi poke, a pound and a half of our smoked salmon, eight ounces of our ahi salad, and eight ounces of our smoked salmon spread. Perfect for the person looking to skip the kitchen, everything in this box is ready to eat! Nearly a $100 dollar value, it’ll only set you back $59 each week! Subscribe here.

The 2 Person Seafood Subscription

Perfect for a two person dinner, this subscription box contains an eight-ounce portion of our delicious smoked salmon spread, a half a pound of smoked salmon, and one pound of raw steelhead trout. Nearly a $50 value, this subscription only costs $39 each week. Subscribe here.

The 4 Person Seafood Subscription

Perfect for a seafood-loving family of four, this package contains two pounds of raw fish (one pound of steelhead trout and one pound of halibut), half a pound of our smoked salmon, and an eight-ounce portion of smoked salmon spread. Nearly a $70 value, this subscription costs only $59 each week. Subscribe here

The 6 Person Seafood Subscription

Finally, this package is perfect for bigger families, seafood enthusiasts, and frequent dinner party hosters. This package contains three pounds of fresh, raw fish (one pound of steelhead trout, one pound of halibut, and one pound of king salmon), a half a pound of smoked salmon, and eight ounces of our iconic smoked salmon spread. Subscribe here.

No matter what, we can guarantee that if you love fresh, high-quality seafood you need to try our selection at FreshWay Fish. And visit our home-delivery store to shop our entire seafood selection. 

What To Expect When You Order Home Delivery

Because we’re dedicated to supplying our customers with the best when it comes to pacific seafood, we follow a strict delivery schedule. This ensures that we’re getting the freshest fish to our customers, and it also sets up a consistent operation that allows our customers to schedule meals around their seafood delivery.

Here’s how it works. We do our fresh seafood deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To get your food on Monday, you must place your order before we close on the previous Friday. For Wednesday delivery, you need to have your order in before close on Saturday. And for Friday delivery, you must have your seafood order in before close on Tuesday. 

What’s more, we offer free delivery for any fresh seafood order over $75. For any orders under that price point, we have a $19.99 delivery fee.

Once you’ve placed your order, all that’s left to do is wait in anticipation for the best seafood you’ve ever had to come to your door. 

Why FreshWay Fish?

First and foremost, the reason you should get your pacific seafood is that we’re dedicated to excellence. All of our seafood and readymade seafood meals are always fresh, use the best ingredients, and are sourced from high-quality, sustainable sources. 

Beyond that, you can trust that when you do business with us, you’ll be cared for and treated with respect. Our company is a family owned one, and we’ve worked hard to get where we are today. Starting in 2012, we first began traveling to farmers markets, peddling our fish (something we still do today! Check out our Farmers Market Location List to see where you can find us). From there, we built a customer base and expanded our operation.

We worked from the bottom up, which has made us recognize the importance of a happy customer. After all, we could do what we do without you.

Finally, we’re dedicated to great service. So much so that if there is a fish you’d like, but don’t see on our menu, you only need to ask! We’ll happily source the seafood you want and need. Additionally, we can supply fresh, premium seafood to restaurants.

If you have any questions or would like to place a special seafood order, contact us today!

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